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I don’t think more need be said… but I will continue anyway. Is there anything food that can compare to the gloriousity (that’s a word right?) that is butter. Now, at the risk of sounding like, well, a dick, when I say butter I don’t […]

Treat yo self… the simplicity version

A good friend of mine visiting last year, in a nice way, told me and the hubs that we are so “culturally irrelevant”… and she’s right (of course then there’s irony in using a pop culture reference as this posts title, but that’s also pretty […]

Happy new year 2018

I sense good things to come. The change of year this time around has such a strong positive vibe. It’s empowering to start a new beginning with a good headspace. Right now I feel like we can take on the world and slowly but surely […]

And suddenly sheep!

A few weeks ago I posted a picture on instagram of me drinking tea, knitting a cowl, and reading a book on raising sheep. I’ll just show you…  I added hashtags about wanting to buy sheep and voila! Farmer friends of our responded with an […]

A beginning

Our home is ever growing. We are homesteaders, striving for self-sufficiency, peace, and beauty. Having a family farm has been a dream of mine and my husbands for a long time. Last year we were able to purchase our own home, our own land, and our […]