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And suddenly sheep!

A few weeks ago I posted a picture on instagram of me drinking tea, knitting a cowl, and reading a book on raising sheep. I’ll just show you… 

I added hashtags about wanting to buy sheep and voila! Farmer friends of our responded with an offer to sell us some Shetland sheep. We now have five bred ewes, with an expected 8 lambs coming in spring.

We are giddy.

This is completely one of those “ask and you shall receive” moments for us. We weren’t actively seeking to start our animal husbandry with sheep. Always would have thought chickens or rabbits – you know, something small. But who am I to say no when the universe practically screams at you “HERE ARE SHEEP, RAISE THEM!” So we have our first animals, our wonderful sheep. They currently in a ramshackle-looking (though very sound) shack, in a temporary chain-link fence pen, munching on hay and grass remnants, anxiously awaiting spring and green pasture. Oh and lambs. As in baby sheep! the cutest things on earth!

Here are photos: 

We asked and received and we are grateful. Also props to Instagram! And now back to work.

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