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Treat yo self… the simplicity version

A good friend of mine visiting last year, in a nice way, told me and the hubs that we are so “culturally irrelevant”… and she’s right (of course then there’s irony in using a pop culture reference as this posts title, but that’s also pretty dated at this point I gather).

This has not changed over the past year, if anything I just keep growing more in the dark with my lack of what is considered common knowledge. We occasionally will watch something new (thanks to my sisters Netflix), but I don’t know who anybody is. I have no clue about music anymore – though I’ve also reached the age where modern contemporary music sounds like ear pain. I live in jeans and tank tops and bulky sweaters. And now that it’s freezing I got me a pair of big man coveralls from eBay for super cheap. I may look 80lbs heavier when wearing them, but I am warm!

I could go on. Or I couldn’t because I so culturally irrelevant that I don’t even know what else that is culturally relevant I am missing!

What I do have is peace. I have confidence. I no longer compare myself to others as a measure of my contentment. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY (pre-Sex and the City). Culture Mecca, I even studied fashion at one point! Yet, somehow, never do I feel like I’m missing something because I don’t expose myself to the nagging ads and whatnot that used to bombard me. I have a simplicity.

Today I dove into that feeling after spending a a perfectly homesteady morning stoking the wood stove, feeding my family veg quiche with homemade crust, making butter, chicken soup, getting the not-so-baby-baby down for a “nap”, and celebrating a peaceful moment by frying bread in garlic and fresh butter and pink salt.

Simple. Delicious. I done treated myself.

Basic recipe:

Rough chop two heads of garlic and toss into a pan with 3-4 (or 8) tablespoons of butter (ideally homemade, but at least well sourced grass fed) let it sweat a minute then put some sliced bread on top. Flip it after a minute or two, once it’s starting to toast and cook on the other side for the same time.

Plate scooping garlic into the bread and sprinkle with salt.

You are welcome.

Thanks for reading,


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