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I don’t think more need be said… but I will continue anyway.

Is there anything food that can compare to the gloriousity (that’s a word right?) that is butter. Now, at the risk of sounding like, well, a dick, when I say butter I don’t mean those sticks that come in a box for $1.99 at the Big Y. I’m talking real butter. Made from real cream. From real happy animals. There are options to be purchased, but as with most things, homemade is the way to go.

Plus making butter is stupid easy! Especially if you have a stand mixer.

Basic recipe:

Dump in cream, start mixer on low and bring it to high slowly – or take the risk of splashing cream all around the kitchen.

Watch the bowl expecting it to turn into obvious butter any second for a lot longer than you think it should take. Decide it’s never going to work but continue anyway and be amazed when finally the cream starts to turn yellowy and all of a sudden there is liquid and chucks in the bowl. Give it an extra ten seconds then turn it off. Butter.

Pour of the liquid to be used later (that’s legit buttermilk – hello pancakes!). Pour frigid filtered water just to cover the butter then kneed it, squash it, push the crap out of it. Dump out the water and repeat this process until the water stays clear (or mostly clear). This removes the extra buttermilk, the more buttermilk you remove the longer your butter will last.

Eat the butter. Or process as you will. I preference to salt when I use it, but you can blend the butter at this point with salt or herbs or whatever inspires you. Divide it into smaller portions and experiment with different flavors!

I usually divide mine into 1 cup-ish portions, wrap tightly in parchment and store them in the freezer in a freezer bag- also write the date on the packages. Couldn’t tell you how long it lasts as it’s usually gone within a month max!

My kids will eat it by the spoonful if allowed/unwatched. And when I say spoonful I mean handful…truth be told I probably could too.

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