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I don’t think more need be said… but I will continue anyway. Is there anything food that can compare to the gloriousity (that’s a word right?) that is butter. Now, at the risk of sounding like, well, a dick, when I say butter I don’t […]

Treat yo self… the simplicity version

A good friend of mine visiting last year, in a nice way, told me and the hubs that we are so “culturally irrelevant”… and she’s right (of course then there’s irony in using a pop culture reference as this posts title, but that’s also pretty […]

Happy new year 2018

I sense good things to come. The change of year this time around has such a strong positive vibe. It’s empowering to start a new beginning with a good headspace. Right now I feel like we can take on the world and slowly but surely we are.

My business surpassed my expectations this holiday season and it looks like next year has the potential to be even better. I guess people really like tomtes (gnomes)!

I am so excited to process our own wool from our own sheep this spring. I also cannot wait to welcome the lambs to the farmstead. What a beautiful gift for our family – we may not know for sure what we are doing, but we welcome the challenge and the opportunity!

The holiday season that just passed seemed wonderfully slow and long this time around. It gave us pause to take in the small moments and focus on just enjoying. We strive to eliminate the chaos our society so easily slips into, especially around holidays and other celebrations. For us a celebration is good people and good food… usually good music too.

Being in our home has given us the freedom to maintain this and it’s glorious. We welcome 2018 with reverence and silence. It’s a moment for contemplation and planning. We are so ready it’s not even funny…

…also I ordered layer chickens for the spring. So we really need to build a coop!

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And suddenly sheep!

A few weeks ago I posted a picture on instagram of me drinking tea, knitting a cowl, and reading a book on raising sheep. I’ll just show you…  I added hashtags about wanting to buy sheep and voila! Farmer friends of our responded with an […]

A beginning

Our home is ever growing. We are homesteaders, striving for self-sufficiency, peace, and beauty. Having a family farm has been a dream of mine and my husbands for a long time. Last year we were able to purchase our own home, our own land, and our […]